If you hate your  government when country in crisis, either you are from           opportunistic opponent parties or you are just a stupid ignorant fool.


No offense to the publisher but please lets not post like this post in this situation. our government deserves lot more criticism but this is really not the time, please help victims and help Nepal

Recently many people have posted many status criticizing government for not doing their work, or being ignorant. This is not the time to criticize, we all know we had bad governance since long time but this is time to have some faith and help the victim of the earthquake in any way that you can. Please be useful in any way then posting a comment criticizing your government. Be an example by working. It’s easy to criticize but really hard to work and prove success.

Let's say, your house is in problem and you are in direct need of help.

 Will you allow whole society to enter your house just because you are in need?

 There are golds and money and things around that can be stolen, there are many sensitive places inside the house that you don't like to give access to outsiders.  No matter how damaging the situation is and how immediate help you in need, you will be cautious enough to be selective on whose help to take and whose not.

Do you insult your father for not letting everyone enter the house in such situation?

How can you have different attitude when comes to government and country?

So, keep in mind, before blindly and harshly insulting government in Social Media.
There are ancient arts and artifacts along with many valuable objects scattered around.  Government cannot just let anyone to enter those premises just because they call themselves volunteers.
There are religious missionaries subtly trying to turn this devastating moment into an opportunity to spread their religions.  As a secular country, government has to be cautious about those religiously motivated volunteers.
Every country has their own agendas along with their aid, apart from purely humanitarian move.  For example, China may not like Taiwan's active aid in Nepal.  India may not like China's over influence in Nepal.  US may not like Russia's over access to Nepal in the name of help.  Government of Nepal, has to listen to everyone and prioritise things based on long term foreign relationship with these countries. 
What will do all the foods and things if there is no mechanism built enough to deliver?  All that will go waste and pollute and clogged things around.  So, government must not entertain every stuffs come in donation no matter how generous it is.
Government is very desired position for many power hunger and this is the right time to hit the existing government to grab the power from or weaken the government for future political move.  Government has to be vigilant about this as well.
Not every volunteers are what they seem on their badges. Some simply want to have some fun.  This is not the time for fun.  Government has to stop such jobless people to enter the country now.

It's very unfortunate to see many don't understand such basic things.  Just put your own home in exact position of country and Government, and then try to analyse, would you judge in same way
I know how far ignorant minds can go. Rational mind can understand as rational educated youths that understands the values of government and its own limitations and importance of standing by government in crisis like this.  Seriously, you don't trust your government, you don't trust your court, and you don't trust your police and army, who do you trust then?? Foreign Prime Minister, or foreign President?
Moreover, government is never alone.  They are surrounded by experts, both from country and abroad, and they make decisions by consulting all these experts.  So stop thinking every decisions are sole decision of PM or any ministers.  Government is very broad body.  It consists of ministers, bureaucrats, civil officers, along with highly intellect advisers.  Don't insult government as a whole for one or two person that you dislike for whatever reason.     
Also, so called mainstream media and online media, have some decency and professionalism.  It is really surprising, why thousands of local volunteers are not given any coverage.  Why Nepal army and police department's contributions are not glorified?  Just because many people like to read and watch about politicians and government's criticisms, do not publish news and stuffs for click baits or paper circulations.  Some guys have ruined this country by selling lies and half-truths, please stop it at least at this moment.  Learn how media behaved during 9/11 in US.

Faith is most important things right now.  Have faith in your government and your police and administrations.  You don't have choice.  Moreover, they been doing tremendous amount of good works and also making many good decisions on behalf of Nepalese people.  Unfortunate though, our so called media does only know to glorify foreigners and their government.  Hope, we can see some changes here from media hence.  Yes, there are weakness and lacking and best way to deal with it is, going out and helping like many are doing.

Again, Government must have had its own limitations and obligations as mentioned above.  True or false, we will analyse and talk post crisis.  This is not the time.  Don't insult your own government when country and security is weak and fragile and emotionally shattered, just like how you don't complain and criticize your own parents when house is flooded.  Everything has a time, and this is not the time.

May all the ignorance, hatred, and division, and bad politics, corruption mentality bury on Earth along with this Earthquake.

(source: articles-kaagmandumagazine blog)