To get Cortana working outside the US

To get Cortana working outside the US do the following:
  • First you will have to change 'Region and Language' settings. For this go to desktop control panel and select Clock, Language, and Region from the right hand side 
  • Click on Region and change the following:
  1. In the Format tab, set format as English (United States)
  2. Set Home Location in the Location tab as United States
  3. Finally, in the Administrative tab, set Current System Local to English (United States)
  • Also, set English (United States) as your primary display language to make the aforementioned changes work fine
  • In case you have not installed it yet, head over to Add a Language and choose it from the list and then set as primary 
  • After you have made the changes, restart your PC. Once the system is up, you will find Cortana ready to assist you with information you are looking for 
Also, you need to sign in using your Microsoft account. You can either use your keyboard or, microphone to interact with Cortana.
If you are a non-native speaker and not comfortable with pronunciation, you can change the settings accordingly. For this, go to Setting>> choose System>> Speech>> set Speech language as English (US)>> click the box saying Use speech pattern for non native speakers of this language.