Some New Words That Need To Become A Part Of Our Everyday Vocabulary

Déjà Who 
 The feeling you get when you know you have met somebody before, but cannot place their name
 Fighting for armrest space with the person sitting next to you on a flight or in a movie theatre
This is a phenomenon of teasing your friends so much about a fake affair with a girl/boy, that they actually fall in love with that person

Quid pro Quora:
 The act of up voting someone's answer just because they up voted yours.

- The one who discriminates on the basis of grades/marks scored. Usually found in schools/Colleges/Job Interviews;these people can be worse than a sexist or a racist

Deja Poo.
 Feeling you get that you have heard this shit before.

DejaQ" -
 that moment when you realize you thought that one concept you did not study thinking it might not be asked in the exam but unfortunately appears in the Question paper