A foggy day flying above Warsaw, Poland

Above Shanghai in China...It goes on forever!

A perfect photo overlooking Madison, Wisconsin.

Flying above millions of used tires

An extremely precise Italian beach.

Over a crowded bus depot.Flying above and outside of Cario, Egypt.

An overhead shot of a whale swimming off the coast of Argentina.

Aerial view of this winding road.

beautiful crop field

Above Mexico City.

Taking a quick little ride over the countryside in England.

looking down onto a rainbow.

The beautiful Cape Town, South Africa.

Overhead an overly crowded boat dock.

Above Paris, France.

Overlooking an extremely green golf course in the middle of a desert

An extremely colorful container yard.

Central Park and all it's WOW factor.

Over some beautiful trees.

Looking down on a war plane grave yard.

Looking down on some high density desert housing.

Over Mt. Agung, Bali, Indonesia.