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  1. Rankine’s theory of active earth pressure assumes

  2. soil mass is homogeneous, dry and cohesion less
    ground surface is a plane which may be horizontal or inclined
    back of the wall is vertical and smooth
    all the above.

  3. The minimum water content at which the soil just begins to crumble when rolled into threads 3 mm in diameter is known as

  4. liquid limit
    plastic limit
    permeability limit.
    shrinkage limit

  5. A partially saturated sample of soil has a unit weight of 2.0 g/cm3 and specific gravity of soil particles is 2.6. If the moisture content in the soil is 20%, the degree of saturation is

  6. none of these.

  7. Degree of saturation of a natural soil deposit having water content 15%, specific gravity 2.5 and void ratio 0.5 is?

  8. 60%

  9. Which one of the following statements is true ?

  10. Clay are more porous than sands
    Pressure of organic matter in a soil decreases the bearing capacity of the soil
    Aluminous cement is used for foundations in soils with chemical deposits

  11. The coefficient of compressibility of soil, is the ratio of

  12. stress to strain
    strain to stress
    stress to settlement
    rate of loading to that of settlement.

  13. The ratio of the volume of voids to the volume of soil solids in a given soil mass, is known

  14. porosity
    void ratio
    water content.
    specific gravity

  15. If the failure of a finite slope occurs through the toe, it is known as

  16. base failure
    toe failure.
    slope failure
    face failure

  17. The minimum water content at which the soil retains its liquid state and also possesses a small shearing strength against flowing is known as,

  18. permeability limit.
    liquid limit
    plastic limit
    shrinkage limit

  19. The water content of soil is defined as the ratio of

  20. volume of water to volume of voids in soil
    weight of water to weight of solids of given mass of soil.
    volume of water to volume of given soil
    weight of water to weight of air in voids