Are mosquitoes bothering you, easy ideas to be safe from them

As rainy season has starts, Many places becomes place for mosquitoes breeding and we all find it to annoying
Mosquito not only are annoying but they are dangerous also as they spread disease like malaria and dengue.
Using chemicals to get rid of them is also harmful as they cause harm in long term
Let's see these home techniques to avoid mosquitoes and be safe.

Camphor and water

Two tablets of camphor in about a quarter cup of water will do the magic. But, if you want instant results, add in another tablet or two and some warm water.

Lemon and cloves

Mosquitoes detest the smell of cloves and all things citrusy. Cut two lemons into halves and press about five to six cloves into each hemisphere. Place these on a plate in your room and kiss those mosquitoes goodbye!

Plants that repel mosquitoes
Bring home a catnip, if you don't own a cat, that is. The plant that’s infamous for getting felines high, works wonders as a mosquito repellent. While mosquitoes have an aversion to plants like lemongrass, marigold, scented geraniums, and herbs like rosemary and basil, the fragrance is quite appealing to us humans.

Plants that eat mosquitoes
If you can’t shoo ‘em, shoot ‘em. Well, not really. Just bring home some cute little carnivorous plants and let them do the killing for you. While we’re repulsed by mosquitoes, the Venus Flytrap, Pitcher plant, Butterwort, and Dutchman’s Pipe find them yummy. Really!

This one will help you on days when you’re feeling anti-social. Binge on garlic-infused dishes. Mosquitoes will be at bay, and so will pesky human beings. Happy alone time to you!

DIY herb sprays

Move over mosquito repellent creams. Make your own sprays instead. All you’ll need is a herb like basil, water, and vodka. Boil the herb in water and strain; squeeze out all the water from the herb. Pour the water into a spray bottle. Add vodka, which should be half the quantity of water. Mix gently, and voila, your very own mosquito repellent spray is ready. 

Essential oils

Apart from titillating your olfactory senses, most essential oils can also act as mosquito repellents. Lavender, geranium, citronella, lemongrass, lemon eucalyptus, rosemary and peppermint oils work best at keeping those pests away. Just dilute the oil, pour some into an oil diffuser and let it work its magic.