ØIn most places, the extractive activity of decorative sedimentary carbonate rocks, commercially indicated as marbles and granites, is one of the most thriving industry.

ØMarble sludge powder can be used as filler and helps to reduce the total voids content in concrete.

ØMarble sludge powder is an industrial waste containing heavy metals in its constituents.

ØStone slurry generated during processing corresponds to around 40% of the dimension stone industry final product and it is dumped in nearby pits or vacant spaces.

ØThis imposes threats to eco-system, and physical, chemical and biological components of the environment.

ØTherefore, utilization of marble sludge powder in concrete will help to protect the environment.


ØThe main objective of testing was to know the behaviour of concrete with replacement of ordinary sand and cement with quarry dust and marble powder respectively.

ØThe main parameters studied were compressive strength and split tensile strength.

ØThe materials used for casting concrete samples along with tested results are described.

Ø The other objective of this test is to establish the effect of using marble powder and quarry dust on the properties concrete mixes as well as its effect and the behaviour.

The main variable taken into considered in this study was the percentage of replacement of the cement and sand content by marble powder and quarry dust on the concrete mixes
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