The construction industry is poised to take on the onslaught of construction giants in view of challenges. Infrastructure projects are coming up in the world in the area of highways, mass housing, irrigation structures, technology parks, metro railway etc. In all these projects, new materials and innovative construction techniques are being used. 
In the present day scenario projects are often planned with space allocated to single, multiple buyers with specific requirements in terms of large spaces, early completion time and ready availability of funds. These specific requirements have led the entire construction industry to think, plan and implement projects with a fast track construction approach.
So a fast track construction is "a project which is conceived, planned and developed from concept to completion in a significantly shorter time span than usually accepted, without infringing on any of the technical / other requirements of quality construction".
The objective of fast track construction is to save time by way of increasing productivity and completing each function efficiently.

The normal process of construction scheduling involves the performance of a series of discrete functions, one after the other, in a predetermined sequential order. The customary logical order of these functions is planning, programming, design, governmental approvals,bidding and negotiation, contact award, construction, and finally, completion. This is the procedure for normal construction schedule. Each activity is virtually completed before the next may be commenced. To perform all these functions will take a certain amount of time.

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