civil engineering quiz

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  1. For the movement of vehicles at an intersection of two roads, without any interference, the type of grade separator generally preferred to, is

  2. delta
    diamond interchange
    clover leaf

  3. If the ruling gradient on any highway is 3%, the gradient provided on the curve of 300 metre radius is

  4. 2.0

  5. The minimum ratio of the radii of two circular curves of a compound curve, is kept

  6. 1.25

  7. The weaving length of a roadway is the distance

  8. between the channelising islands
    equal to half circumference
    equal to total width of adjoining radial roads
    equal to diameter of rotary.

  9. The usual width of parapet walls along Highways in hilly region, is

  10. 50cm
    100 cm
    60 cm

  11. First operation during the detailed survey of a hill road, is

  12. adjustment of alignment along with curves
    hydrological and soil surveys
    fixation of Bench Marks
    staking the ground.

  13. In water bound macadam roads, binding material, is

  14. stone dust
    brick dust

  15. According to Highway Research Board of U.S.A. practical lane width, is

  16. 3 .3m
    3.5 m
    3.6 m
    3.8 m

  17. Design of flexible pavements is based on

  18. empirical formulae
    mathematical analysis
    a compromise of pure theory and pure empirical formula
    none of these.

  19. the efficiency of the brakes of a vehicle depends upon

  20. condition of the tyres
    condition of the road
    presence of the moisture
    all the above

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