A flooring work for civil structure that is both time efficient and medium to high workability process to create a facility that is safe, healthy and comfortable concrete flooring to be done by used of vacuum dewatering concrete flooring (VDF) technology. This process is a means to efficiently remove excess water from newly placed, compacted and leveled concrete surfaces. Vacuum treatment of concrete has been refined to specially address concreting of large exposed surfaces in hot weather conditions. Vacuum dewatering greatly improves the abrasion and impact resistance of the concrete surface. The vacuum dewatering results in coarse aggregate in the fresh mix being drawn to the top surface a further contributing factor in achieving wear-resistant concrete surfaces the surface of vacuum treated concrete is free of pitting, an important consideration for abrasion resistance and the possible exposure to a continuous flow of liquid over the member. Technologies applied in concrete flooring will improve concrete flooring physical behavior. This method used like concrete flooring in warehouse, concrete road, parking area, production area in industrial buildings. Nowadays this vacuum dewatering technique for concrete flooring is excessively using by various contractors & builders in order to get good quality & to achieve speed in construction of concrete floors. This paper provides a review on a new way of concrete flooring by the used of vacuum dewatering concrete technique/remix method in the area of concrete flooring in civil structure with its advantages & dis-advantages of VDF system.