PHP Programming Language

PHP Programming Language:

php programming language

    PHP stands for PHP Hypertext Preprocessor. It is a general purpose Programming language especially used for Web Page Development. PHP can be embedded in HTML codes and used in server side unlike HTML which is used in browser side. So PHP is generally used in the back-end operations of a website.

    PHP is used with database, mostly with MySQL. PHP is easy to learn and it supports both Object Oriented and Procedural Styles. PHP works on the server side of the web applications which means the client do not have access to PHP codes unlike HTML. In case of HTML the browser displays the source of the applications. In these terms PHP is more secure.

   For me the most wonderful feature of PHP is that it can be embedded in HTML codes. Both HTML and PHP codes can be written on same file. PHP codes are enclosed in between  the tags <?php and ?>. The browser handles all the HTML codes while the codes between the PHP tags are handled by the server.

   PHP codes need to be interpreted by the interpreter. XAMPP can be used to compile and interpret PHP codes. PHP files have the extension '.php'.

   Below is a simple example of PHP, which displays "HELLO WORLD" in the web-browser. 

Save this code with name test.php  in /xampp/htdocs/ folder. Type http://localhost/test.php  in your browser to see the result.


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